TOUCH THAT FIRE erscheint in der Türkei

TOUCH THAT FIRE wurde an einen türkischen Verlag verkauft! Pegasus bringt den ersten Band auf Türkisch heraus. Das freut mich so, so sehr; ich bin im Ruhrgebiet aufgewachsen, also praktisch mit der türkischen Sprache, die ich schon seit Jahren lernen will. Also ein weiterer Anreiz. Kudos to my amazing agent, Thérèse Coen!

Exciting news: TOUCH THAT FIRE has been sold to Turkey! Pegasus will publish it in Turkish. This is incredibly important to me; I grew up in an area called the Ruhrgebiet (it has many famous football clubs and some very good contemporary writers; not so much coal anymore, though) where Turkish is an ever-present language. I have been wanting to learn it for years, and this will be an added incentive. Besides, with the situation being what it is in Turkey, I cannot help but think about how a story’s significance changes depending on which context you put it in.