Erscheinungsdatum: TOUCH THAT FIRE

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Es gibt einen Erscheinungsmonat für den ersten Band der TOUCH THAT FIRE-Trilogie in Deutschland! März 2018. Jetzt beginnt auch die Arbeit an Umschlag — die Gestaltungsbeispiele, die mir meine Lektorin gezeigt hat, waren wunderschön –, Titel und allem, was es braucht, bevor ein Manuskript in eine Buchhandlung kann. Ah ja, zum Beispiel auch Autorenfotos. 

Oh oh.

My wonderful editor has given me, if not a publication date, then a publication month for TOUCH THAT FIRE in Germany: March 2018. Needless to say how excited I am! We have also begun working on covers (discussing what it could look like – her suggestions were so beautiful), the final title, and everything a book needs when it wants to be in a bookshop. Which this one really does. It cannot wait in fact. This also means I will have to have author photos taken, though. Grand. Cameras. The things I love best. Don’t ask me why, I will go on a stage and play a pregnant woman or a neurotic rabbit any day, but I do not want to see myself do it on film. Do anything on film, actually.